Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Encaustic Art Painting, "Grow", by International Mixed Media Artist Donna L. Martin

This is the second Encaustic painting that I've done.  I used bright, happy colors of blues, pinks, reds, and greens. I embedded words from a vintage book that I found at an Antique store. It reads, "When she awoke she knew that she need not be afraid of growing up." The painting is done on birchboard. It turned out to be a happy little painting!

Encaustic paintings are really very easy to take care of and very durable. It should be handled relatively carefully to avoid scratching the surface and should not be placed behind glass. It can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees, but should never be left in a hot car or outdoors in the sun. Encaustic paintings also cannot withstand freezing temperatures. If you are displaying encaustic in a window with direct sunlight or near a heat source, just be sure and test it out to make sure the surface of the painting does not soften. Encaustic paintings can also be buffed on the surface with a soft cloth to restore the sheen to the wax. With all this being said, Encaustic paintings are incredibly durable and archival. Excavation of ancient encaustic paintings have shown no signs of mold, cracking, flaking, or fading. Unlike other mediums, encaustic paintings are resistant to moisture, acid, and mold.

This painting measures 6X8 and is available for purchase.
$60/free shipping in the United States.

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