Sunday, July 5, 2015

'Interstice - Monochrome VI', another piece in the Series, Interstice - Monochrome by Susan M. Gibbons

"Interstice - Monochrome VI"

Encaustic and Graphite on Cradled Board

36" x 36" x 1.5"


Another piece within the Series, Interstice - Monochrome, this work plays with more of a planar concept of Interstice (the space in between).  Painting with encaustic (bees wax, damar crystals, and pigment), and incorporating graphite, the textural sheen in the work and the play of the edge morphs into each other.  The contrast of values enhances each other and the diagonal adds movement to the piece.  The subtleties within the white and black areas creates an added visual interest which contrasts the boldness of values within this work.  

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